Medical Support, Inc. or MSI, is an eleven year old corporation that provides medical products and related services to hospitals and nursing homes on a twenty-four hour - seven days a week basis. MSI rents equipment to these facilities in a region primarily consisting of Western Tennessee, most of Arkanasas, most of Mississippi, and Northeastern Louisiana. With service centers in Memphis, TN., Tupelo, Miss., and Jackson , Miss., MSI provides the needed products on a timely basis. Our flexibility, product quality, and prompt, professional service set us apart as we compete with the large players in our industry

We primarily focus on four "niche" areas where there is a great need in today's healthcare environment. These areas include the following:

1. Bariatric equipment for the grossly obese patient. MSI is currently the distributor for SizeWize Rentals, LLC; the largest bariatric only equipment company in the U.S.

2. Fall prevention management. MSI works with facilities and tailors education based programs that utililze a variety of equipment types to help reduce the incidences of falls.

3. Wound Care. We provide a variety of bed surfaces designed to help prevent or heal wounds.

4. Patient Handling Solutions. Medical Support addresses this major problem with the right equipment to assist staff and thus reduce risk and injuries - to patient as well as caregiver.

In summary, Medical Support, Inc. constantly strives to provide cutting edge products within its areas of focus; along with a heavy emphasis on education and service - in a cost effective way.

Medical Support, Inc.
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