Mighty Air

  • Unique, integrated side wall bolster for patient support
  • Alternating or static modes of operation
  • Exceptionally quiet control unit designed for caregiver's and patient's safety

The Mighty Air is available in either 39" or 48" widths. It offers two forms of therapy, 3-1 True Alternation and True Low Air Loss. 3-1 Alternation is best explained by thinking in terms of three sets of cells, A-B-C. When the A cells deflate, the B & C cells remain inflated. Then the B cells remain inflated. All of those are programmable from 3 to 20 minutes, in 1 minute increments.

True Alternation refers to the amount of air that remains in the air cells during the deflation cycle. In this case there is absolutely zero air left in the air cells. This is important because it provides optimal pressure relief from the very first air cell by the foot ssection to the very last air cell by the head section. Many of our competitors sat they have true alternation yet air will remain in the air cells during the alternation cycle. The remaining air has a possibility of putting pressure on the backside of the patient, which could lead to pressure soars.

True Low Air Loss refers to the amount of air, at least 100 liters, escpaing from the air cells, through the top cover, disseminated over the back side of the body, keeping the interface pressure under 32mmHG (millimeters of Mercury). 32mmHG is the indsutry standard designated breakpoint where blood flow is shut off to the capillaries. When blood flow is shut off, nutrients and oxygen are prevented from reaching the skin, setting up the scenario for skin breakdown. Any pressure map studies will show the validity of this standard. Why this is important to us as salespeople is because in order to provide True Low Air Loss as a therapy, a blower based system, rather than pump based, must be in place. Some of our competitors will have their equipment priced lower than ours and yet we are not comparing apples to apples.

The Mighty Air therefore is called a dual modality system, True Low Air Loss and True 3-1 Alternation. True Low Air Loss remains constant 24 hours per day, 7 days per week & 365 days per year. It is selectable on the blower by hitting the Static button. Whereas the Ture 3-1 Alternation is optional and programmable and always able to be turned off if necessary.

The Blower is capable of blowing 250-300 liters of air per minute. Whereas a pump will typically pump around 8-15 liters of air per minute. Therefore one can see the difference and need for a blower if offering True Low Air Loss. A pump cannot keep up with the amount of air loss on a True Low Air Loss System.
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